Google mystery solved... or is it?

I belive I solved the mystery presented in my previous blog entry. I believe the link that ties my sites to my name is, in fact, this very blog. Its still odd though that both sites appeared higher in rank than the blog itself... Hmm...

Another Google Mystery

So I thought I understood the magic that is Google but clearly I was wrong. A few weeks ago I signed up for Google Web Alerts and recently got a few emails with hits on my name. This prompted me to wonder what someone would see if they tried to google me. The result was not at all what I expected.

Although both and are my creations, neither has ever had my name on any of its pages. In fact, to the best of my recollection, the only places my name could ever have surfaced in association with those sites is either through this blog, personal email, or via domain name records. I think the latter is the most likely likely explanation, and if so, points out to an interesting new area that Google is mining. At least its new to me.

Can anyone shed some light?