Once upon a time in Mexico, a quick review

The movie sucked.

The featurettes are really really interesting (and worth the rental), especially if you have any sort of interest in film-making or the application of technology to the creative process.

VS.Net 2005 May CTP, Membership PasswordRecovery

There is a bug in the May CTP bits of Whidbey that prevents the PasswordRecovery control from properly doing its magic. Specifically, it can't send an email because the SmtpMail class that this control relies on has some broken logic when it comes to reading the name/address of the SMTP server from the config file. The symptom is a COM error relating that the “SendUsing” configuration value is not defined. To fix this problem, make sure you set the value of the SMTP server in your code. (something like SmtpMail.SmtpServer = “localhost”;) Then, things will work like a charm. Of course, this tip is brought to you by the indispensable Lutz Roeder's Reflector.