Simple .Net screen ruler (awesome!)

Jeff Key posted a simple screen ruler he wrote in .Net (source included). Grab it today!

San Francisco Bay Area police speed traps

I took a driving school class the other week, which was actually pretty good. Granted, my expectations were pretty low as the last time I sat through traffic school some 5 years ago, I remember it being one of the most tortured experiences of my life. Still, this time around the time flew by pretty quickly and I was never bored. If you ever find yourself needing to attend, give the Lettuce Amuse U Comedy Traffic School a buzz at 800-286-8051. For the record, my instructor's name was Mik Berry. Keep in mind, this is by far not the cheapest traffic school around but I chose them because they offered weekday classes.

So, what important facts did I learn in traffic school? Well, first off, the fact that most people were these for speeding. Given that that was the theme, here's an informal list of top police speed traps, mostly in North Bay. If you find any errors, please leave me a comment.

  • Bridgeway, in Sausalito
  • Blackie's Pasture, in Tiburon
  • East Blithedale, in Sausalito
  • Rancho Nicacio
  • Near Tam High School (45 becomes 30)
  • Near Drake High School (on Sir Francis Drake)
  • Bottom of the hill on Hwy 37, near 101
  • Central San Rafael, 2nd St -> 101 onramp.
  • and, of course, 101 anywhere in Marin county -- the 4 lane hwy has a 55mph speed limit

Also, a useful, if not suprising, statistic: 60% of people stopped for speeding are travelling in the far left lane, 30% in the 2nd lane from the left.