September 2005 Blog Posts

Season premiere of Lost kicked ass!

Its an odd trend that my last few posts are all pop culture related, given how little of it I consume. Still, this is definitely an episode (named “Man of Science, Man of Faith“) worth seeing. If you are new to Lost, go get Season 1 DVD! update: ok, so there is no trend, its all in my head: there are all these things I mean to blog about but never get around to.

Dumbledore is not dead

Well, I hope I haven't spoiled anything for you, but I came to this conclusion shortly after finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I've been meaning to blog my thoughts on the subject, but never got around to it. Today I found out that someone else did a stellar job of assembling the evidence. Worth a read if you are a Harry Potter fan.

Why Outlook support for IMAP is so poor

Jan Miksovsky, whose blog I discovered this week and would very highly recommend gripes about the poor IMAP support in Microsoft Outlook. As someone who's gotten fed up with it enough to open up an Exchange mail account just this week, all I can say is “Hear, hear!!!”. Sadly, I am not holding my breath for Office 12 either...

Refactoring under VS 2005 (Whidbey) and ASP.Net

Surely I am not alone out there developing ASP.Net applications under VS 2005 who would like to be able to use the new refactoring features. If you, like me, find the performance abysmal, please vote for this bug!