January 2006 Blog Posts

Google Toolbar 4 -- Custom buttons make it worth the switch

Matt just sold me on Google Toolbar 4 with his writeup on custom buttons. I do still think that Google Toolbar's Popup Blocker is EVIL. I wonder where this bug (and it IS a bug) rates on the EvilRank scale?


I have NewRetirement.com set up to send me an email any time the site throws an error (including 404's). Its a great way to ensure that users receive a quality experience with the site, but its also quite informative. For example, you learn quite a bit about search engines by watching the behavior of their spiders. Yahoo! has been notoriosly slow about getting changes propagated through their system. We've moved some content around almost a year ago and set up 301 (permanent) redirects. While the Yahoo! slurp spider comes over frequently, on occasion it still requests old URL's. What prompted...

SEO resources and Del.icio.us

I am relying more and more on Delicious as a personal info aggregator. If you'd like to follow along, here's what I have been reading on the topic of search engine optimization: http://del.icio.us/mteper/seo You can even grab the RSS feed.