Don Box posted an excellent summary of the REST vs SOAP decision tree.

Table Planning Software

Back in the day when I ran (don't click!) one of the features I planned to add was the ability for users (engaged couples) to have a nice interface for pre-arranging guests at tables. I never got around to implementing it, but ran into a program today that claims to do just that. The screenshots look on target.

Try Google Pages, get spam

Last week Google unleashed another innovative service onto the world in the form of Google Pages (*cough* Geocities *cough* 1999 *cough*). Now anyone can easily put together a nice looking web site. Google supplies a whole bunch of professional looking templates, script is not allowed, editing is WYSIWYG, and there are no popups. In a word, brilliant.

Except for one little tiny thing: your website address is, which just happens to correspond to your GMail address Now I am willing to bet there are already multiple trivial spiders running around looking for links to *, assembling the lists.

I won't jump and attribute this to the evil side of Google as I doubt this was malice. It does smell of stupidity though.