VS.Net 2005 May CTP, adding assembly reference to Web project

I couldn't find a way to add an external project reference to my Whidbey web project, so I googled for answers. Instead, I found that Matt Hawley, among others was having the same problem. Well, Matt hasn't looked hard enough! :-)

The answer is right there in the Readme:

13.19. The Add Reference button in property pages dialog boxes does not work

Steps to reproduce:

Start Visual Studio 2005.
Create a new Web site.
Right-click the Web project in Solution Explorer and click Property Pages on the shortcut menu.
Click Add Reference.
Nothing happens.


To resolve this issue


To add a reference to a managed assembly: Create a /Bin folder and add the assembly to /Bin by using the Add existing item shortcut menu To add a reference to an unmanaged COM component: Use TlbImp.exe to create an interop assembly and add that assembly to /Bin by using the steps above There currently is no workaround for adding a project reference.


posted @ Friday, June 25, 2004 7:23 PM

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