Farewell, my good friend...

I sold my car today. Oddly, this is the first time that I feel a sentimental attachment. It wasn't my first car, but it was by far the best. It might also be that I've replaced a (very!) fun sports sedan with a minivan. Darn kids!

So, in the honor of its passing (of ownership), here's a short review of my 2002 Audi A4 1.8T:

First and foremost, the car was a great value for the money. At only a few thousand more than a Subaru Legacy GT, and at the same price level as a Jeep Grand Cherokee (my two prior rides), this was a far superior car in terms of feel, materials, fit and finish, style, ergonomics, you name it. There was hardly anything I could find fault with. Well, perhaps one thing: in order to engage the parking break, the armrest would have to first be lifted. Seeing how I opted for manual transmission, this is something I had to do often, and while it quickly became second nature, it often stood out to me from the otherwise near-flawless design.

The Subaru was also a manual, but there could be no comparing of either the engine or the transmission (absolutely smooth in the Audi). In the Subaru, misshifts happened seldom, but still, happened predictably, especially if I was tired. In the Audi, I only remember misshifting once. The engine was also a joy, in many ways comparable in feel and punch to the Jeep's V8. Supposedly the new 2.0T engine is even better and I am jealous!

It wasn't all great: there were some electronics issues. The stereo locked up twice and the AC controller gradually deteriorated such that I had to set the desired temperature lower and lower to achieve a comfortable lever. To their credit, the Audi dealer took care of both issues under warranty (stereo and climate computer were replaced).

Still, I am going to miss it... In fact, I miss it already.