Local Search Directories

Mostly to remind myself, this is a list of local search directories and data aggregators with corresponding submit/edit links:

Have I missed any?

Submit Your Business to Google Local Search

Following up on my previous post on how to submit your business to Yahoo! Local Search, this is where you would go to submit your listing to Google Local:

Google Local Business Center

After you complete your listing, you will have to verify that you are reachable either via phone or mail (your choice) at the business address.

How to Submit Your Website to Yahoo! Local

This Yahoo! PowerPoint Presentation won't tell you, but it will give you a pretty good overview of the relationship between Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Local Search, Yahoo! Search Marketing Local Sponsored Search (a.k.a. Overture Local Match), and Yahoo! Yellow Pages.

To add your listing, go to the Add/Edit Business Tool.

Note: you should only be interested if you want to increase traffic to your website.

Google hiring strategy

Peter Norvig, Director of Google Research recently described the "Lake Wobegon" hiring strategy and contrasted it with two other strategies he dubbed "dot-com boom" and "hiring manager centric". The data is compelling and is worth considering, however I question the claim that Google hires people at the company level and then assigns them to projects (rather than hiring into project groups). That's just not been my experience (disclaimer: I don't work for Google so "my experience" is conjecture based on hearsay and public job descriptions).