Goodbye .Text, Hello SubText

Mr. Haack and crew finally made a public release of SubText available and I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade from .Text.

My impressions thus far:

  • they really nailed the install and migration experience, kudos!
  • I like the new skins, I wish there were more
  • The admin interface got a patchy here-and-there facelift, but the layout is messed up in IE, bummer.
  • Its still not the engine for blog monetization (admittedly, that isn't a project goal)
  • I was hoping to see verbose URL's but its pretty far off on the roadmap, not sure why (doesnt seem like a complex feature). It would be very helpful for SEO purposes.

I'll play with the skins some more over the coming days and weeks...


posted @ Tuesday, March 14, 2006 8:46 PM


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# re: Goodbye .Text, Hello SubText

Left by Haacked at 3/17/2006 5:14 AM
THanks for the review. What do you mean by Verbose URLs?

As for blog monetization, what features would you like to see to that end? The obvious one we can think of is adding an Ad-Sense control that can easily be attached to a skin.
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